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Users and Security

mylia allows an unlimited number of users. Allow people you work with to access your data. For example you may wish to

Set permissions for each user. For example you may wish to allow your accountant to see your accounting information but not access your diary.


Your data is held on our private servers within the E.U.

When browsing mylia you will see a pack lock in your browser. This identifies mylia as a secure site. Once logged in mylia will require that all communications are encrypted. It will refuse to send sensitive information unless this is so.

mylia stores any identifiable information encrypted within the database. mylia uses best of breed Encryption (AES) to protect your data.

A full and complete backup of all data is made each evening. The backup is contains encrypted data.

mylia never stores your password. Our staff have no access to it. We honestly cannot tell you your password.
For the technically minded we use hashing and salting to ensure the original password can never be recovered.